Kata 11-15

Kata 11-15 consist of Jitte, JiĆ­n, Jion, Bassai Sho and Kankudai.

Jion Kata Group

Jion Kata group consists of kata Ji'in, Jion and Jitte.

These begin with the left hand covering the right and have roots in ancient Chinese boxing. Their origin is believed to be from the Tomari-te school. It is possible that the Jion Kata was created in the Jion Temple to spread from there to the Tomari region.

Jion meaning Temple Sound.




Bassai Sho

Kanku Dai

Kata consists of videos by mixed artists. Everyone has the opportunity to send in kata videos to karate@karateweb.se. However, the requirement is that they are already on Youtube.

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