Kata 21-26

Kata 21-26 consist of Gojushiho sho, Kanku sho, Unsu, Gankaku, Chinte and Gojushiho dai.


Gankaku means "Crane on Mountain" and refers to the special position on one leg. Other styles use the name Chinto which means "Crane".

Gankaku is a very graceful kata.

According to legend, Gankaku was created by Sokon Matsumura who was inspired by a shipwrecked Chinese sailor skilled in the art of Kung fu.

Gojushiho Sho

Kanku Sho




Gujushiho Dai

Kata consists of videos by mixed artists. Everyone has the opportunity to send in kata videos to karate@karateweb.se. However, the requirement is that they are already on Youtube.

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